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Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverages

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

With all the beautiful water bodies in Florida, be it beaches, lakes, or rivers, it’s not surprising that the state has such a strong market for watercraft. If you’re thinking of buying your own boat, whether for leisure or business, keep in mind that getting it insured is important for your own safety and security.

Why Get Watercraft Insurance

Technically, getting your watercraft insured is not a strict requirement per se in the state of Florida. However, even then, it is still highly recommended that you get one if only to save you the trouble of shelling money out of pocket if it needs repairs or replacement.

Much in the same way that you would want to protect your home and valuables in your property, you would want to do the same for your watercraft as well. Especially since Florida waterways get so busy, you never really know when you might get a fender bender while in the water.

Watercraft Insurance Coverage

“Watercraft” covers various vessels, including small fishing boats, engine boats, houseboats, yachts, powerboats, and even pontoons. What you choose to include in your coverage ideally rests on what you use your boat for in the first places.

  • If you take it out to the open sea frequently for fishing, then you’d probably want to have more comprehensive coverage, as well as protection for your fishing equipment.
  • If you’d rather cruise around the waterways, you’d want to make sure you have collision damage protection or property damage liability.
  • Other coverage types may also include roadside assistance, bodily injury liability, personal property protection, oil spills, dry dock, and more.

New watercraft owners would do well to seek advice from professional insurance agents to know more about available options. We at Blackford Business Solutions LLC are ready to assist you in picking the right coverage for your needs so you can be on your way enjoying your newly insured watercraft.

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